At Holyland Casket Singapore Pte Ltd, our customised designed Christian funeral packages are affordable and customized to the expectations of the modern society, while maintaining the customs of Christian Funeral. Our christian funeral services are adopted by many churches, we are renowned for being professional and service oriented in making every funeral meaningful for families. The funerals are often one of joy called back by the Lord.

Why Holyland Casket Singapore?

Holyland Casket Singapore Pte Ltd is Singapore’s #1  funeral services director experienced in handling and arranging Christian or Catholic Funeral Services. We have a professional service team which caters solely for Christian or Catholic cases. The funeral consultants are all well trained and approachable. We serve families with sincerity and professionalism from planning and so on.


Christian Funeral Services format and order may differ slightly from denomination to denomination. Hence detailed funeral plans and arrangements should be made in consultation with the pastor and Church. Many Churches though are likely to accommodate into the funeral service, as much as possible, the family’s suggestions or that of the deceased (if he has left instructions on the conduct of his funeral). This is to make the funeral personal and meaningful for the family.

Some Christian Funeral Commonalities across most Denomination

  • Open Casket Viewing;
  • Commendation; and
  • Committal


A Roman Catholic Funeral generally serves 2 purposes; to ensure funeral rites are performed for the deceased soul and to comfort the family and have them pray for the deceased along with relatives and the rest of the Church.

Overview of the Catholic Funeral Rites

The Catholic Funeral rites or journey of farewell consist of 3 main parts, namely:

  • Vigil
  • Funeral Liturgy
  • Rite of Committal

Holyland Casket Funeral Services Singapore offers Christian Funeral Packages at only $3,800 for a 3 days funeral and $4,500 for a 5 days funeral. Most of all, our Christian Funeral Packages pricing system is very transparent. For instance, you only pay for what you use. In addition, do call us if in doubts. In other words, we are readily available 24 hours certainly. Therefore, you can check below for the details of the package. From Basic to Grand setups, we will cater to all.

A premium white wooden casket with fine finishing and a half glass for viewing (Diamond)- Upgrade available
Body Transfer & Encoffin

Transferring the body to our care
Professional embalming & makeup performed by a female / male embalmer
Dressing and Casketing

Funeral Day Set-Up
Reservation and Cremation slot booking
Arrangement of the casket area including carpeted flooring, tentage, and curtains, Modern & Grand Christian style backdrop
Glass hearse transport on Funeral Day
Mandai Cremation Fees
Ash collection service
Tables, Chairs, Lighting, and Fans
A total of 25 tables including 15 square ones and 10 rounds ones would be provided along with 100 plastic chairs.
Lighting and Fans are all provided.

1 air-conditioned bus (44-Seater) to transport relatives and guеѕts also.

Funeral Photography and Flower
One enlarged photograph of the deceased with a professionally designed wooden photo frame of 10 by 12 inches
The wooden photo frame would also be lined by one floral wreath of 11 by 13 inches
Other funeral arrangements and a register for the recording of donations

Food and Drink
Food аnd drinkѕ will be on a “pay as per what you use” basis.
Mobile Toilet
One (1) Unit of Mobile Toilet at $80 per day. (Optional)

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