A memorial ground for your loved ones to be remembered in comfort and style. With simplicity as our motive. Rest assured that the funeral will be gracefully handled by Holyland Casket.


3 Days/5 days / 7days

Casket, Encoffining & Embalming Service

Half Glass Coffin / No Glass (E15 / E10)

-Professional Embalming, Dressing & Make-up

– Professional Service Team

· Transport deceased from hospital or home

· Transport for embalming

· Send deceased and casket to Parlour or HDB void deck

· Book cremation slot and arrangement

· Professional service team on funeral day

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

5. PA System

6. Table Flowers X 2

7. Photo Enlargement

8. Floral Arrangement

9. Condolence Book & Collection Box

10. Tentage, Chairs, Tables, Fans, Lightings (HDB & Private House Only)

11. Mobile Toilet (HDB Only)

Coordination of Memorial Ceremony & Funeral Procession Service

12. Air-Conditioned Bus 1 unit ( 45-seater )

13. Funeral Hearse

14. Ash Collection Service

Why Holyland Casket Singapore Pte Ltd?

With more than 20 years of funerary experience, few undertakers in Singapore can boast to know more about funerals than we do, We have handled many non religious funerals over the last two decades and you can be assured that the wake is handles professionally and gracefully. Our staff are thus known to be very sensitive and attentive to the every needs of the family throughout the funeral.

How to Engage Us?

To enquire about our non religious funeral services and packages, simply call us at 81275655 (24 Hours Funeral Hotline. Our Funeral Directors are always ready to attend to you, hear you out, understand your needs and offer advise and suggestions.