TAOIST FUNERAL SERVICES SINGAPORE (Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka, Cantonese, Hainanese)

Traditionally, Taoist believe in focusing more on health and longevity than on afterlife. The goal especially in early Taoism was to achieve immortality, with the practice and cultivation of various task categorised as Neidan and Waidan. Coupled with that fact that Chinese traditionally avoid talking about death, there is very little written about Taoist Funerals, even on the internet. Hence, there is a trend of Taoist funerals becoming more simplified with each passing generation, with traditions of old, lost or often forgotten.

To add to the confusion, Taoism, for most part of Chinese history, co-existed with Buddhism and Confucianism. There is therefore some influence from Buddhism in the Taoist practice of some Singaporean families. Examples of these includes having both Monks and Taoist Priest performing rites for the deceased during a Taoist Funeral wake. The above sometimes result in Taoist families being at a loss on what to do, if death besets a family member.

Why Holyland Casket Singapore?

Holyland Casket Singapore Pte Ltd is Singapore’s #1  funeral services director experienced in handling and arranging TasistFuneral Services. We have a professional service team which caters solely for Taoist funeral cases. The funeral consultants are all well trained and approachable. We serve families with sincerity and professionalism from planning and so on.

3 Days Fr. $7888

5 Days Fr. $8588

7 Days Fr. $9288

1. Coffin (Panel with half viewing glass)

2. Transportation, Pall Bearer, Hearse and Funeral Arrangement Service

a) Collecting the body from hospital or house

b) Transportation to our mortuary for cleaning

c) Sending the deceased and casket back to the place of funeral wake

d) Assist family to book cremation slot

e) Paper Servants & a pair of golden/silver mountains

f) Collection of ashes

g) Funeral Assistant on the funeral day

h) One standard hearse on the funeral day

3. Embalming, dressing and make-up

** Clothing to be provided by family

4. Photo Enlargement

5. Flower Arrangement

6. Tasist Backdrop set up with Altar Set Ups

7. Rental of Tentage, Tables, Chairs, Lightings and Fans (Only applicable for HDB)

8. Taoist priest chanting services inclusive of vegetarian food offering for the deceased

9. Joss praying items

10. 1 x 40 Seater air-con bus from wake to crematorium and then back to wake only

11. Visit by Funeral Director